Any mechanical system, be it old or new, requires proper maintenance in order to operate efficiently. Motorcycles are a sophisticated assembly of mechanical systems and with proper maintenance can be expected to last for many years. Sure, you change your engine oil, but what about your transmission, primary drive, final drive or front forks? These systems generally take only about one litre of oil; a small cost compared to the price for repair. Brake fluid also deteriorates over time, and perhaps you have a hydraulic clutch or liquid cooled engine. When fluids go bad, they don’t do their job.

Any part that moves on your motorcycle will eventually wear due to friction.     A thorough maintenance inspection however, will often detect problems before they leave you on the road stranded, or worse. Having minor repairs done now can save you from needing major repairs later. There is no reason that your bike can’t be “as good as new”, or even better.

Tires – A very important safety feature. What’s keeping you on the road? Only a few square inches of rubber contact the road at any given time. Our No-Mar™ tire machine assures a clean tire change with no rim scratching, and accurate wheel balancing.

Cables and bearings – Constantly moving, always need lubrication. Think about your 4 little wheel bearings, and how fast they are turning all of the time. Dry fork bearings, front or rear, can adversely affect handling. And without cables, you have no control. If there is any doubt, replacement parts are generally low-cost.

Wiring – There are 2 ways to do wiring; the easy way and the right way! Can you spot the difference? We can. Don’t be left in the dark.

Vintage – Many shops prefer to not work on older motorcycles. We love classic and vintage motorcycles.

Scooters – Never doubt it; scooters are motorcycles too! All of the rules of maintenance apply to scooters just like the larger bikes.

Detailing – Now that your motorcycle is working like new, get it looking that way. Maybe you want us to install some shiny custom parts, or restore the original beauty of the parts you have. Aluminum parts slowly lose their shine over time and it’s easy to forget how they once looked. Aluminum buffing can bring out a deep, mirror-like shine.

Pick-up & delivery – For any reason, if you cannot get your motorcycle to us, pick-up and delivery can be arranged. Give us a call.